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I am not stating what I have discovered is fact, only that where there was only legends, I may have put more meat on the bone, for those more knowledgeable than I to expand them. In saying that, scholars will find it hard to refute my findings. Nevertheless please feel free to do so. Please see the list of stories within this blog, the proof is within the full stories, which can be found by clicking the red/orange title above each story introduction. Please keep on scrolling down after this page.



The Secret Life of your brain

The secret life of your Brain and how to reduce Poverty

As the song goes, John Brown’s body lies a mouldering in his grave but his soul goes marching on. So, the body dies but your soul goes marching on and on. What is your soul? Could it be the accumulated knowledge you hold in your head, or could it be the knowledge your brain stores in your head? Knowledge that has been added to since life began. Some of us think we die and some of us do, but then some of us go on to live forever, whilst some of us do even better, for they have discovered that understanding your brain, will lead to greater prosperity, good health, long life, a bonding of the family and prosperity to the nation, if you don’t believe me, click the link above and read on.

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Finding the fabled mountains of the moon

Finding the fabled mountains of the moon

Now it came to pass that I had the opportunity of visiting Kenya, having been invited to go on a safari to film the great beasts that roamed the Tsavo National Park and the lands of the Masai Mara. In journeying there, it was my luck to stand by the railway bridge, that crossed the Tsavo river, knowing this was the very place where almost a hundred years ago to this very week, fear had nightly stalked the encampment of the Indian labourers. Indians brought from India to central Africa to build the famous Lunatic Express. Here was the place, the favourite eating place of the man-eating lions of Tsavo, who managed to consume twenty-eight Indians, and possibly a further seventy Africans, before being killed (after ten months’ hunting). These two lions, probably brothers- and now stuffed and on display in the Chicago museum, managed to stay three or four steps ahead of Lt Col Patterson, and the other hunters, all out to kill them.
It was while bouncing up and down over the rutted tracks from here that my guide pointed westwards and told me there was Mt Kilimanjaro. I looked far out to the horizon, and to the mountains surrounding the park, but could see nothing particularly astounding. Only when I was told to look high into the clouds did I see what at first looked like an irregular cloud, or a weakly, wishy-washy moon. And only by zooming into this apparition with my camcorder was I able to see it as the snow topped cone of Kilimanjaro, thought to be an extinct volcano, but now showing distinct signs of life. The mountain was way over the horizon, and the area below the snow line was so hazy as to render it almost indistinguishable from the sky. This gave to the snow top an almost bizarre appearance of having been suspended in space, or as the upper half of a crescent moon.
Instantly the thought of moon and mountain triggered off that ancient Egyptian legend, the fabled Mountains of the Moon.

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The date and birthplace of Noah’s God

the date and birth place of noah’s god

To find the birth place of God and even get near to dating him seems an impossibility but actually it’s not, for today we have the assistance of archaeology, Geology, ancient legends, DNA and the greatest source of all, the ancient manuscript of the Torah that became our Old Testament of the Bible.
Since man walked upright and talked, Gods have come and gone, generally because invaders have ousted them and set up their own Gods with not a murmur from the previous resident. So why should I think this ancient deity I am about to present, is the God we Christians know today. No, I am not refereeing to Jesus, for in our Bible it says Jesus was the son of God so who could Jesus’s God be.

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Noah’s Ark, not what she appears to be

Noah’s ark, not what she appears to be

In trying to establish a cultural base for Noah’s Ark, I searched the archives of the British Museum for any vessel of that period. Apart from wall painting at Akrotiri there were no remains of a ship wreck from this period of 1435 BC which I suggest is when Noah left Crete, nothing to indicate the dimensions that could associate Noah’s Ark with a Minoan vessel. I’d read the description of the Ark time and time again. I’d found the actual length of a cubit and, naturally enough, when these cubits were converted to meters, the ark was big for its time in history but only a pygmy to the ships of today. What I did notice was that it was God who asked Noah to make it. If so then this ship was made by man and not by God. If by man, then man has to abide by the laws of mechanics. Which says, if you’re going to lay a keel down of some 144 meters in length, it will, if made of wood, break its back, on the thousandth wave, this vessel pitches into. For a keel of this length, we need iron.

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From the future to the past

From The Future to The Past

It seems to be the vogue for scholars to write books on history at the point where this subject and science fiction merge. I’m afraid I cannot myself subscribe to this. Of course, I believe there are living creatures out there in the distant space, for we are living proof that this can happen. I can even believe that some super creature could evolve and travel at the speed of light to our own tiny planet. What I can’t believe is, that they came and went without leaving behind any visible sign of their visit. All we have is what archaeologists can show as the natural progress of evolution.
So, no, I don’t believe that the Egyptians, the Mayas cum Aztec, or the Incas evolved from some super race which some have associated with the mysterious Atlanteans. As Professor John Roper has said, for this to happen, the Atlanteans, if what is suggested that Atlantis was in the middle of the Atlantic, had first to cross east to Egypt, then take two thousand years for the Atlanteans now Egyptians to take this so called common culture all the way west to Mexico.
The truth of it seems to me quite simple:

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Could Eden be found in Atlantis

Could Eden be found in Atlantis

The simple answer is no, but and it’s a small no, for the same catastrophic event that caused the one was the cause of the other. They were the same nation of people but on another island, yet so near to the other they would have seen it and felt it and for that you must read on
Atlantis—everybody seems to have written about this fabled land. Now that I do too, I find I am doing so almost as an apology. It was while researching the great eruption on Kalliste- the most beautiful, which on splitting apart, created the islands of Thira and Santorini, in 1600 BC, that it occurred to me that here was a classic example of a natural phenomenon spawning not one legend but two. The first that of Atlantis and the second Gods expulsion of Adam and Chava (Eve) from Eden. For Adam and Eve does not translate into two people but into Man (Hebrew meaning Man or Mankind and Chava (Eve) meaning the mother of all things living, a multitude Preposterous as it may sound but I beg you to read, The date and birth place of God, do so then lend me your knowledge seeking minds.

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Finding and Following the Patriarchs

Finding and Following the Patriarchs

I make no apologies for this article, entitled Following the Patriarchs, as it may seem as dry as the proverbial Witch’s bosom but if we are to establish a continuous connection from God’s birth to Adam and Chava as recoded in the Jewish Torah or as our 800 years later Bible says, Adam and Eve, through to Noah then on to Moses, you first need to read The date of the birth of God, to establish in your own minds that Crete plays a great part in establishing the original homeland of the Jews. Then read, The day Noah put to sea and see if this again aids our thinking on Crete. If so we have two dates to work on, that of 1600 BC when the island of Callista blew herself apart and became the islands of Thira and Santorini. Then the date and the reason why Noah left Crete in c 1435 BC, with the invasion of the Mycenaeans and finally to Moses whom I suggest was born in 1224 BC. So, I’m presenting you with a list of dates, dry indeed, where these three dates appear and then introduce the patriarchs at spaces of 20 years. For one or two to coincide is a coincidence but when they all do, then we really must consider this further.
If you have read my tale, The day Moses put to sea, then it is obvious that those people scholars call the Apiru or Hapiru, have to be what the Jews, after Noah’s voyage, were known as, being the Hebrews. We can get an insight to Lot and his wife, who was turned into a pillar of salt. Offer up a suggest as to why Abraham decided to sacrifice his son Isaac, up to God and consider who was the pharaoh who knew Joseph and how Joseph may have gone about solving the dream of pharaoh.

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